A Class You’ll Be Excited To Take. #ETMOOC

A Class You’ll Be Excited To Take. #ETMOOC

I read this post on @zite and decided to participate in the second MOOC for me because it is in English and I wanted to go through that experience too. The previous one was #MOOCEAD the first MOOC in Portuguese.  I wrote this from my new wordpress iPod app. Now I’m trying to be creative to accomplish the first task. Yesssss!

Thoughts on #rscon10 .

This weekend I participated in four sessions of The Reform Symposium e-conference  #rscon10 .

Session one: via @etutoria RT @Networking_Lady: Session now starting, come and join #rscon10

Session two: via @etutoria RT @jackiegerstein: @thenerdyteacher‘s Blogger’s Cafe In My Classroom? #rscon10

Session three:  via @web20classroom RT @ShellTerrell: Integrating Social media into Your Class by @tgwynn  #rscon10

Session four: via @web20classroom Getting ready for my #rscon10 Closing Keynote….

I am not going to summarise what I heard because I don’t think I should do it. These sessions are to be followed in loco otherwise all the interaction would be missed and that is, for me, the richness that engages people and makes them participate with their thoughts too.  The most important was the reflection I did during and after the sessions which brings new awereness to my work.

The first was the INTERACTIVITY which was at its pick with Jo Hart. It was the first time I saw this in action on elluminate with such speed and being so meaningful. These sessions are indescribable and for foreigners are hard but amazing. The focus of attention has to be in what you hear, what you read, what you see, what you write or what you speak if you have questions. So the four skills in action.  It would be a good way of practice for students too.

The second was the fact that people, me included, are  too much worried about tools and producing content but ENGAGEMENT is forgotten. I knew this but seeing good examples of engaging students made me realize that this is the way too. Google docs and wikis are often used to share and collaborate. I think I may call them, collective worksheets to engage students. They all fill in one on the web.

Tim Gwynn @tgwynn also uses this to engage students.




The classroom blogs are engaging too. We saw examples of texts from the students and sentences like  ” I agree with you but I also think that…………  ”  So shared comments with discussion enrich everyone when different points of view complete thoughts. It has been said that they are regulated by the simple belief  “The principal, the teachers, the students, have to be proud of the work only then it is released”.

So  to sum up this informal reflection,  RT @gret: We need to be screaming from the rooftops how wonderful social media is. @web20classroom #rscon10 and two words in head INTERACTIVITY and ENGAGEMENT which aren’t easy but can be powered by everyone.   :-)

Links collected during the sessions:

Main document:,9171,1568480-1,00.html

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