What the world needs now.

Creativity is what will keep us ahead. Right-brain thinking is the best education we can give.

We are changing agents and have to take charge of what is sometimes controversial

and for too many people confusing. Let’s lift the veil. I saw this video and thought:

would it be an inspiration to my students? I’m sure it would so I wondered

what they would do based on this idea. I decided to go ahead and I’m going

to find out. I suggest this activity to all English teachers. Maybe their quite

simple open-minded review will be  a surprise to all.

I believe in my students’ solutions.


Leonor Cristin@ Santos



About @edwaves

I'm an English teacher interested in web 2.0 .

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  1. Superb!

    At first I thought it was the old Coke song which preached loving one another….which we need too….but this adds a lot to the menu!

    Well done!

  2. I do believe creativity is important in schools. As schools cut out arts programs I wonder how students will be able to express themselves. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great video, Leonor! How creative your class is! Really enjoyable and joyful.

  4. Cristina, thanks for your suggestion.
    This video is excelent. The music and the messages are really important. Smiles, flowers, love, positive actions and connections…all. It is impossible educate children without this vision and a sensite way to enface life.

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