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Technoeduca+ive is back 😃

Paperless Classroom

How to create a test that grades itself.

Here it is. It’s really useful but it shouldn’t be the only kind of evaluation. 🙂

A test that grades itself with Google Forms.

It is very useful 🙂

A test that grades itself with Google Forms.

A very useful tutorial for teachers 🙂

Inviting digital skills.

Hi everyone. I want to share my prezi presentation with you. I decided to do it because this is the result of hard work

and if it is useful, I’m happy. 🙂

By Leonor Cristin@ Santos


A book transformed in e-book.

And this is it. I transformed a book into an e-book and read “The trouble with mum.” by Babette Cole. I used flash MX to do it.  It is a presentation for the students and it can be used in the interactive board.  Enjoy.  🙂



Leonor  Cristin@ Santos


Machines: students’ project work.

Calmly enjoying my students’ exhibition of the project work: Machines, in Serralves Museum, Porto, Portugal. After a lot of work, it’s always a pleasure to see the results and they are astonishing. I can’t wait to show them what I consider to be creativity on the move. Action on the move. This is without any doubt, the future. A challenge accepted and transformed into reality. I have to say that it is the fourth year I work on a project like this one. Surprises always come out. I can only say WOW. Way to go kiddos.

By Leonor Cristin@ Santos



I like collecting, researching and that begun very early when I was young. Because I am paying attention, the universe – the ideas- come to me.  It feels a little like being called.  Not scratching for it or digging for it, not constructing  something  but  paying attention  to  the situations  and  trusting  that  what  you  don’t  know  will  be  available  to  you.  It is bigger than your overt consciousness or your intelligence or even your gifts, it is out there somewhere and you have to be curious and reach out. My experience tells me that I can’t just reach some little plateau and say that’s it, this is the place. It is always a personal search, a research.

So I have been collecting research links for some time and here they are just to be shared.  🙂

Twitter search.
The internet dictionary.
By Leonor Cristin@ Santos



Serralves (2010).

The Art of Perfect Timing. Someone has a great idea and makes things happen at the

exact right moment following the internal clock. Take relaxed breath and exhale fully.

Let’s follow through on any ideas to build the perfect machines for the exhibition  in



Leonor Cristin@ Santos