What the world needs now.

Creativity is what will keep us ahead. Right-brain thinking is the best education we can give.

We are changing agents and have to take charge of what is sometimes controversial

and for too many people confusing. Let’s lift the veil. I saw this video and thought:

would it be an inspiration to my students? I’m sure it would so I wondered

what they would do based on this idea. I decided to go ahead and I’m going

to find out. I suggest this activity to all English teachers. Maybe their quite

simple open-minded review will be  a surprise to all.

I believe in my students’ solutions.


Leonor Cristin@ Santos





Not just union delights, lights.

Ametheyst, violet, aubergine.

And everything in-between,

as if in a technodream.

Touch and taste the jingle smells.

The more the merrier.

Give wisely,

share wildly.


Leonor Cristin@ Santos


Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year

Social Media Revolution.

The world of words, images, videos and sounds is right here, right now.  Let your imagination run your way.

With you when it’s time to plan what’s next. Inspired performance.


Leonor Cristin@ Santos


Hello world! Here we go…

Technoeduca+ive begun today (November 30, 2009). It is a result of what I have been doing and I’ll share it with you.

I am an English teacher as a second language. I signed in on twitter in April 2009.  At first I wanted to nurture curiosity

and I was learning with everyone. Everything was so new. It was like an energy that respected what is. The famous question:

What are you doing? You can feed it to people, they in turn feed it to others, and eventually it comes back.

But after a while I had so many followers as @leocris, my first twitter name, I wasn’t expecting that. Really wasn’t. I felt the need to

learn and I had to select and invite people I admired. I created @technolanguages, my professional corner in August 2009 (now I only have one  @edwaves).

And there I was going back to basics. Learning, supporting, sharing and recreating. I felt the support of many people that now

I also follow on facebook. There we share more comments and inspire each other. Some of them inspired me to start writing…

They know who they are… So here I am with a small army of friends that push me to do this. I wonder what I have to offer but

everyone has an inner voice; you just have to listen to it and trust  in order to be led by it. It’s my turn now to help others.

So, this is it. The begining, read on…

Leonor Cristin@ Santos